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What We Do

As with all flotillas in the South Australian Sea Rescue Squadron, our main purpose is the preservation of life at sea. We carry out the following tasks to bring this about.

We provide a radio watch, free of charge, to all vessels who wish to be covered. Once you have logged on, we watch to see that you have returned by the time you have advised, and in the event that this is not the case, we investigate the reason, and take action as necessary, from verification up to and including search and rescue.

We pass coastal weather forecasts by radio at 8:15am, 10:15am, and 12:15pm. We keep a listening watch for emergency calls. Radio watches are kept on channels 16 and 73 VHF, and 27.88 and 27.91 (channels 88 and 91) on 27MHz radios.

When we have established that an emergency exists, we provide a rescue vessel which will proceed to the place of the vessel in trouble, and provide assistance, up to and  including a tow to the nearest suitable point if necessary. Once again, this service is free of charge.

As it is necessary to set a high standard of operation, our operational members have to pass examinations in various categories, such as radio licences, seamanship, navigation, and use of radar. We train for these qualifications in-house at our training school. The Flotilla also holds public access courses in Seamanship, MROCP (Marine Radio Operator's Certificate of Proficiency) and VHF Marine Radio licencing as well as the use of VHF DSC. A pass in our Seamanship course is accepted when applying for a boat operator's licence, removing the need to sit the government test.

When called upon, the Flotilla also provides support vessels for yacht and dragon boat races and fishing competitions and takes part in the various expos, pageants and festivals held within our region.

Sea Rescue Copper Coast

Sea Rescue Copper Coast

Wallaroo, South Australia
Wallaroo, South Australia

Proud to Belong

Proud to Belong

Rescue boat alongside rescued boat
Rescuer and Rescued, back at the launch ramp
Wet drill - training for emergency life raft use
Crew training - Use of an emergency liferaft
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All in the day's work

The accompanying YouTube video shows just some of the  tasks performed by members of Sea Rescue Copper Coast in carrying out their duties.
All members are given every assistance in achieving the training necessary to qualify for their chosen role.

If you wish to watch the video on full screen, just click the icon with the four arrows in the lower right of the YouTube screen.