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Sea Rescue Copper Coast

Sea Rescue Copper Coast

Wallaroo, South Australia
Wallaroo, South Australia

Proud to Belong

Proud to Belong

Flotilla Events

October: Start of silly season garage sale and BBQ.
This is held on the October Long Weekend and heralds the start of both our fund raising drives and the start of the tourist season which will go until Easter 2013.

October: Start of our Christmas Raffle sales.
October sees the start of our main fund raising drive, which is our annual Christmas Raffle. The operational members will be out on the street actively selling our raffle tickets.

November 10: Boat Ride.
There will be a boat ride around the Marina for Justices of the Peace.

December 7: Port Broughton Christmas Pageant.
We will take part in the Port Broughton Christmas Pageant.

December 13: Wallaroo street party.
We put our duty vessel SR 04 on display at this Street Christmas party and it is also the last selling point for the Flotilla's Christmas raffle.
December: Moonta Christmas Pageant, Kadina Christmas pageant.
The Flotilla always enters the Duty Vessel SR04 in both the Moonta and Kadina Christmas Pageants and members take part riding in both the tow truck and duty boat. Actual dates TBA. 

New Years Eve,
We will run two patrols to maintain an on water safety line at the fireworks display.

  January: Radio Base Open Day
Garage sale and sausage sizzle.

January: Australia Day
This is when we draw our Australia Day Raffle.

February 22: VMR Excercise
There will be a combined VMR excercise on the waters off Wallaroo, hosted by Sea Rescue Copper Coast.

July: Flotilla Christmas in July.
This was only started recently and is a thank you dinner for all the work the operational members have put in over the previous twelve months. The dinner is held in one of the local hotels.

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