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Sea Rescue Copper Coast

Sea Rescue Copper Coast

Wallaroo, South Australia
Wallaroo, South Australia

Proud to Belong

Proud to Belong

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It takes a lot of work to refloat the boat

It takes a lot of people to recover a sunken boat (Previous Case)

Another boat sunk within the Marina
Sea Rescue 04 Helps recover a sunken boat
A recently sunken boat within the Marina
Sea Rescue 04 Helps with this recovery


On Thursday 3/11/16 at 1515, we received a call to attend a vessel that had run out of fuel 11Klm West of Port Hughes. The vessel was towed back without further incident. Skipper, J. Bolton, Radio Op, M. McPherson.

On Saturday 22/10/16 at 0620, we received a call from a vessel owner stating that he had electrical problems and was stranded 3 nm outside of last channel marker at Wallaroo Bay. Crew readied and launched SR04 and proceded to the outer channel marker where they located the vessel and towed it back to Wallaroo Marina without incident. Skipper P. Hedger, Crew, J. Lorincz, D. Sawford.

On Wednesday 19/10/16 at 0915, While looking to see if it was a good day for fishing, auxiliary skipper G. Fleet, (owner of auxiliary vessel Hot Shot ), noticed an object sticking up out of the water approx. 500 mtrs off shore at Port Hughes. The object turned out to be a 5mtr section of jetty pylon and as he was going fishing anyway, the first job was to get a rope on and remove the obstruction from the water. The pylon was dragged into the Port Hughes basin where it was removed from the water and taken away by the local Council. Skipper, G. Fleet, Radio Op, R. Robinson, ramp assist, S. Bartlett.

On Saturday 8/10/16 at 1013, we received a call from a boat owner, South of Cape Elizabeth, stating that he had experienced engine failure due to overheating with weed blocking the water intake. Due to the nature of the Port Hughes ramp, assistance had to come from Wallaroo so the job was tasked to SR04 and the vessel was soon found and towed back to Port Hughes without further incident. Skipper, R. Robinson, Crew R. Grech, T. Cooper.

On Friday, 7/10/16 at 1025, we received a call from a member of the public that there was a jetty plank constituting a hazard to boating off Sims Cove. The job was tasked to the auxiliary vessel Jamo and a crew called. The vessel launched at Port Hughes and soon located the jetty plank off Sims Cove and towed it back to Port Hughes boat ramp where it was removed by local Counci. Skipper, S. Jamieson, Crew, E. Chapman, R. Grech.

On Sunday 4/9/16 at 0945, we received a call from a professional fisher, 2 N/m west of Tiparra Reef, stating that the drive shaft on his motor had broken and he required our assistance. SR04 was tasked to the incident and a crew called. The vessel was found and due to the build up of sand in the Port Hughes boat ramp entrance, they had to be towed back to Wallaroo. Skipper, R. Robinson, Radio Op, T. Cooper, Crew, R. Philpott, B. Iping.

On Saturday 16/7/16 at 1400 we received call from a boat owner that his boat had broken down and needed our assistance. As the vessel Spectrum was known to be in the area, contact was made and they agreed to pick up the boat and tow it in to Port Hughes. Skipper, S. Boldog, Observer E. Chapman.

Found vessel at coordinates given and vessel was under way, spoke to owner and advised we would follow him back to the Pt. Hughes ramp which we did without incident. On Saturday 25/6/16 at 1505, we received a call from the owner of an 11 metre yacht stating that the vessel had been fitted with a new engine and that key had fallen out of the gearbox drive shaft. SR04 and the duty crew were tasked to the incident. The vessel was found just north of Point Riley and towed back to its pontoon in the marina without further incident. Skipper, E. Chapman, Crew, G. Boyce, D. Sawford.

On Saturday 4/6/16 at 1857, we received a call from a boat owner stating that his boat motor had failed to start and was requesting assistance. The job was tasked to the auxiliary vessel Hot Shot and a crew called. The boat launched from Port Hughes and soon had the disabled vessel on the tow and back into the boat ramp. Skipper, G. Fleet, Observer, E. Chapman.

On Sunday 15/5/16 at 1355 a boat owner rang and stated he had started his engine but it was running rough. SR04 and the duty crew stood by at the ramp as requested and awaited his safe return to the boat ramp. SR04 did not launch.  Skipper T. Bean, Crew, J. Lorincz, E. Chapman.

On Monday 9/5/16 at 1950, we received a call stating the dredge boat which is moored in the Ferry terminal had broken its mooring ropes and could we help, a call went out to the members and a group gathered at the site. The dredge had broken its ropes and was being held into the terminal by the steel bollards on one side and one bow rope. The walkway had been smashed and was gone so we could not walk down the side of the dredge. A call was put into the dredge owners Wallaroo agent and we were told that in his opinion it would be alright and that he wasn’t coming down to the scene so we also went back home. Crew, S. Bartlett, E. Chapman, A. Ladner, M. McPherson, T. Bean, R. Robinson, R. Grech.

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